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At My Discount Websites, our #1 job is to help you get your phone ringing. Many "so-called" website developers will try to sell you something that only helps in lining "their" pockets and not yours. They slap some website template up, charge you a couple thousand dollars and wish you good luck. Most of these developers don't have a clue about what it takes to get your website ranked at the top of search engines. They'll try to talk you into Google Adwords or some other useless program that everyone else is doing. They build 10 or 20 websites a year and think they are experts. STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY!!

Experience, Experience, Experience!

At My Discount Websites, we have literally built THOUSANDS of websites over the last 15 years. We spent the first 10 years building websites, watching how they rank, tweaking the websites, watching how they rank, tweaking them again, and so on until we finally came up with our own system of development that is currently driving tons of traffic to our clients' websites. WE CAN PROVE IT AND SHOW YOU RESULTS, NOT JUST TALK ABOUT THEM!

Custom Mobile Friendly Website Design

We'll never try to sell you something that doesn't make sense for your business. In fact, we'll try to talk you out of it!

Complete Statistics Tracking to help you measure results

Along with the program we implement, we will also incorporate Google Analytics to help you track your website results in real-time. You'll know exactly what your potential clients are looking at, how long they looked, where they found you and what search terms they used to get there. This allows you to plan and implement future marketing methods based on facts, vs. guessing and wasting money on things that aren't working.

Ongoing Support

One of the best things about working with My Discount Websites is the personalized service. Once you have decided to implement one of our programs, you will always be talking to and dealing with one of the owners, not some "just-out-of-college-geek" who thinks he knows how the real world works, or how your business operates. The 2 owners of the company have real-world business building experience. They have built over 15 companies and have over 30 years of contracting experience between them. So when you call the phone number with a question or issue, you won't have to track down the last person you spoke'll be speaking to the owner, the same one you spoke to before.

If you're looking for "straight-shooters" who won't make false promises and aren't trying to make a quick commission on you, call today. We'll create an individualized program for your company for a price that's fair and won't break the bank, because our STO programs are typically a fraction of what other companies charge.

We look forward to speaking with you.


Call us today at: (262) 955-2919 to speak with an owner or fill out a CONTACT FORM and we'll contact you.

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